Ainslie Pyne: The Blessed Mother Mary MacKillop

Title:The Blessed Mother Mary MacKillop
Artist:Ainslie Pyne
Material:See below.
Size:8' (inc base)
Replicas:See below

This life-size statue of The Blessed Mother Mary MacKillop is a commissioned work which is now the shrine at the convent of the Sisters of St Joseph at Norwood, South Australia.

The statue is in Queensland Red Cedar (Toona Australis). Ebonised. Silver chain and wire. Antique brass medallions and figure from Crypt of St. Joseph Convent, Kensington, South Australia.

The plinth for the statue was designed and constructed by South Australian carver Gary Melrose. The six sides are comprised of carved Qld. red cedar with selected Acacia Melanoxylon/Tasmanian blackwood, for framing and stylised gothic finials. Behind the toughened glass panel is the Holy Relic: a requirement of all Shrines. This one is a simple carved cedar medallion from Mary's original coffin. On either side of the glass panel are African blackwood buttons. Each has a raised cross of St. Andrew, Patron Saint of Scotland: Mary's childhood homeland.

This exact work is a once-only commissioned work, and Ainslie is unable to make copies. However, Ainslie will accept commissions to carve other poses.

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